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Y2K Bugs Found in Windows 98

December 8, 1998

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) _ Several Year 2000 bugs have been found in Windows 98, one of the most heavily tested software products ever.

None of the problems poses any risk of data loss or damage to computers, and they are so obscure that most users would be unlikely to spot them, said Don Jones, Microsoft Corp.’s product manager for Year 2000.

The Y2K bugs were found during company tests, Jones said.

Microsoft posted a software update Monday on its Web site to correct the problems. It previously issued corrections to Windows 98 to fix other bugs, or ``issues,″ as Microsoft calls them.

Windows is the operating system for nine out of 10 personal computers, and Microsoft has gone to great lengths to reassure customers that products won’t be affected by the date change at the end of the millennium. Windows 98 was tested by tens of thousands of people and companies before its release in June, in addition to company testing.

Some programs, especially older ones, may fail when the date changes to 2000 because they were written to recognize only the last two digits of a year. Such programs could read the digits ``00″ as 1900, instead of 2000.

Among the Y2K problems with Windows 98:

_If a computer is started at the precise fraction of a second when the date changes, the computer’s system clock could display the wrong time or date.

_A particular technique for resetting a date to Feb. 29 for a leap year could result in Feb. 29 being displayed for other years. This is only a display problem, meaning it cannot be applied to stored data.

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