Resolutions 2019: In Portage, people look ahead

January 2, 2019
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Hally Jane Kennedy of Endeavor pauses inside the Mercantile New Year's Eve afternoon to get out of the freezing rain, talk about resolutions for the coming year, and check out the merchandise -- including maps hand-drawn by her husband, Jesse.

Hally Jade Kennedy’s first resolution was to get out of the freezing rain that was coming down in downtown Portage New Year’s Eve afternoon.

Her second resolution, shared tongue in cheek: “To lose 100 pounds.”

The Mercantile, 117 W. Cook St., was going to close early, at 1 p.m., because of weather that was getting more miserable by the minute. The freezing rain would soon change to a heavy, wet snow.

But just before the lights were turned off and the doors locked, several people had come inside the Mercantile, to get out of the weather and perhaps buy an item or two that had been marked down after Christmas.

Kennedy, of Endeavor, pored through a rack of hand-drawn maps made by her husband, Jesse Kennedy. As she did so, she talked in more realistic terms about a resolution to reclaim health by losing weight, including choosing more healthful foods and more physical activity.

On the upper level, Derek Hanson of Poynette — who had found, among the vinyl albums, a work of the female rock band Heart — said he’d actually resolved last New Year’s Eve to lose weight. And he kept the resolution, dropping 50 pounds by changing his eating habits. His diet included more chicken and vegetables, less fat and fewer carbs.

For 2019, Hanson said, his resolution is a little less specific.

“I just want to be more creative this year — do some more painting,” he said.

Portage Mayor Rick Dodd, reached by phone Monday afternoon, had a different take on making resolutions for the start of a new year.

“Actually, I gave that up a long time ago, because I never kept them,” he said.

Dodd said he still tries to look ahead to the future — to stay healthy, and to improve himself — but not to tie those goals to the end of one year and the start of another.

“You’re so hyped to make resolutions for a new year,” he said, “but they’re too hard to keep.”

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