MIAMI (AP) _ A 10-year-old boy who was snatched from a street and held for $1 million ransom was found tied to the steering column of a boat inside a warehouse, a black hood over his face, police said.

Six Cuban refugees were charged with kidnapping for ransom, false imprisonment and first-degree kidnapping and were ordered held without bond Sunday, a day after the rescue.

Meanwhile, Dantis Martin seemed to be recovering from the 26-hour ordeal, said a neighbor who saw him with his friends.

''It looked like he was telling his buddies the story,'' Steve Fortgang said. ''The police did a good job. It's nice to hear a happy ending for a change.''

The child, known as Danny, was grabbed off his bicycle on a quiet street near his home in a well-to-do Miami neighborhood Friday afternoon. Two playmates saw him forced into a big white car that neighbors had reported to police as suspicious the day before.

The first of six ransom calls came within a half-hour. During one of the calls Alfredo and Teresa Martin heard their son say, ''Hello, Papi?''

Martin, 30, couldn't raise the demanded sum, but while negotiations were underway officers following a lead stopped a car with four men inside, ansd found a tape recording that began, ''Hello, Papi?'' The Martins identified the voice as Danny's.

One of the men told police the where the boy was hidden. Police surrounded and stormed the warehouse.

Danny ''was quite calm and alert,'' said police Lt. Alfred Moore. ''He was pale and shaken, but I would say that for a 10-year-old boy he did quite well.''

Said a neighbor, Carol Bassett, ''He's a tough little cookie, a survivor.''

Charged in the case are Orlando Fontela, 29; Abel Anthony Gomez, 22; Ruben Ramos, 28; Jose Ramon Notario, 32; Armando Juanola, 48; and Eusebio Alvarez, 64.