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Robber Has Trouble With Paper Bag Disguise

May 8, 1991

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ An inept robber who wore a paper bag over his head may still be using the disguise out of embarrassment.

The bag had holes cut in it so the robber could see, but it shifted during the attempted holdup, leaving the man in the dark, Charlie’s Supermarket clerk Keetek Dore said Tuesday.

When he moved the bag back into place it ripped, exposing the face of a regular customer.

″I yelled, ’Bob 3/8‴ Ms. Dore said. ″Then he ran away.″

The man also needs to learn how to give orders.

The man demanded ″Give me the register.″

Ms. Dore said she wasn’t sure if that meant he wanted the whole register or just the money inside.

″I said ‘What?’ and he said ‘Give me the register.’ I said ‘What?’ again. Then the bag broke open,″ she said.

Police spokesman Asa Higgs said Wednesday that police were still looking for ″Bob.″

They don’t know if he had a weapon - he was wearing a paper bag over a hand, Higgs said.

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