Large pack of dirt-bike riders wreaks havoc in Cleveland area

August 13, 2018

Large pack of dirt-bike riders wreaks havoc in Cleveland area

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A large pack of people riding dirt bikes and ATVs was causing problems Sunday night in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs, reportedly ignoring traffic and efforts by police and the State Highway Patrol to have the riders stop.

People on Twitter were posting videos of the riders as they went through neighborhoods and downtown Cleveland, including the Flats, and on area highways.

Cleveland has been trying to curtail illegal dirt-bike riding in recent years.

Initial reports about the large pack of riders came in around 8 p.m. in Lakewood, according to NE Ohio Scanner:

Lakewood: Approx 60 dirbikes westbound on Clifton, driving all over, turfing lawns refusing to stop for PD or red lights.— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018


Several additional posts followed from NE Ohio Scanner and others. Sightings of bikers were still being reported as of 9:40 p.m.:

No visible license plates. Mostly black males. Approaching Rocky River. https://t.co/fDkoA1dqGr— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018


Riding on both sides of Lake Rd, including into oncoming traffic. Bay Village and Avon Lake PDs also advised. https://t.co/N1Asgybzb0— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018

Some of them now headed back eastbound in Lakewood, some headed southbound on Clague. https://t.co/LZoL0h3hpy— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018

OSP has been called, and is joining the pursuit. https://t.co/1AeJs4MRxv— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018

Can confirm. I live on Clifton and saw them come through first time. Now seen a few headed back towards downtown with OSP in pursuit.— Matt Eady (@matteady66) August 13, 2018

pic.twitter.com/yXsXXwocRG— Matt Eady (@matteady66) August 13, 2018

Cleveland is not sending help to Lakewood, they have dirt bikes and ATVs all over the place apparently. https://t.co/uFqWZdYIYf— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018

OSP has chased some of them to the projects, E 37 & Woodland https://t.co/64lshVMNo8— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018

pic.twitter.com/DWUC8b3VI2— Rich Struble (@strubrg) August 13, 2018

Rider down fell off an ATV on Huron. Cleveland FD/EMS en route. https://t.co/Yvh8Xgm4IL— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018

@NEO_Scan Driver of ATV bailed at Clague and Lake. Bay Village pic.twitter.com/onrbmfOmMD— H-6 Photo (@H6_Photo) August 13, 2018

https://t.co/QO1NXpZljV— Mary Veasey (@MaryVtotheZ) August 13, 2018

Here they are riding through the flats and the warehouse district. pic.twitter.com/XB4O31dhDq— Jamie (@DunfordJ70) August 13, 2018

OSP still chasing some around in the area of Harvard & Broadway https://t.co/9qCL8GW8Z1— NE Ohio Scanner (@NEO_Scan) August 13, 2018

Came right over my house on the bridge over the Yacht club deafening noise police cars sirens.— Pam Baron (@pambaron) August 13, 2018

They were in lakewood earlier pic.twitter.com/a29ePpu5Yf— Brigy Bryant (@brigidbryant127) August 13, 2018

I think the @CityofCleveland might have bigger problems to worry about than @BirdRide electric scooters... 🤔 @CLEpolice @OSHP @WEWS @wkyc @cleveland19news @fox8news #Cleveland #ThisIsCLE pic.twitter.com/9RO2iO1h1a— Brian Musick (@BrianMusick) August 13, 2018

pic.twitter.com/GvBKdOqy6X— Scott (@scottlilly5) August 13, 2018

pic.twitter.com/xZDXsCDEVr— Scott (@scottlilly5) August 13, 2018

Cleveland police have a dirt bike rider handcuffed on Ontario. pic.twitter.com/qVOeJCNhhy— Robin Goist (@robingoist) August 13, 2018

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