Bridgeport EOC hasn’t heard from state about Sept. 25 flooding

November 14, 2018

BRIDGEPORT — The city has not heard back from the state regarding the September storm that flooded various areas of Bridgeport.

“To date we have not heard anything back from the State of CT regarding the flood event,” said the Bridgeport Emergency Operation Center on Tuesday.

On Sept. 25, a storm dropped 6.8 inches of rain in the area of Cartright Street, Dora Circle and Renwick Drive — all along the Rooster River. Several other areas of the city saw flooding, but not as extreme.

After the storm hit, the city quickly organized and urged those affected to submit damage reports to the EOC. Residents reported various problems caused by the flooding, including uninhabitable homes, cracked foundations and totaled cars.

As of Oct. 18, when concerned residents hosted a flooding forum, the city had gathered reports of $2.9 million in damages. But at the event, several people grabbed applications to submit additional damages.

To have the storm declared a “disaster” and to qualify for federal funding to help with reimbursements, Fairfield County must file a total of $3.3 million in damages. Beyond that, the state must file a total of $5 million in damages. It was unclear if both those thresholds were met.

“We will update you as soon as we hear anything,” the EOC promised.

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