Katrina Dick: Affordable options are available for formal wear needs

August 22, 2018
Courtesy of Katrina Dick More affordable options are avaible for formal wear such as the dress seen on Katrina Dick, right, in the photo. The dress was purchased on the Forever 21 website for $40 and was worn as a wedding dress for an intimate wedding.

Hello all, I hope your week has been well. It’s hard to believe we are in the final few weeks of summer.

I know I have said that time and time again, but time just goes by so fast, it really blows my mind. With kids heading back to school, it will soon be time to start prepping for all the formal dances that come along during the school year.

Homecoming isn’t far away, and while some young ladies may have already gotten their dresses, others, for one reason or another, have not. Their families may be stressed, worrying about how they can afford a formal dress, and if they can’t, looking into other options.

Formal wear is notoriously expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The special boutiques and dress shops that our generation flocked to for all of our dances aren’t the only viable options anymore.

The picture included is of my mother-in-law and me on my wedding day. My husband and I got married in the field next to my parents’ house, with only about 12 people in attendance, so a big flowy gown seemed a bit silly and over the top.

I still wanted a nice dress for my wedding day, and found this one at Forever 21. My stepson picked it out, and it only cost about $40.

I ordered it online and had it sent to the store for free, with enough time to spare to send it back if it didn’t fit.

Forever 21 has an abundance of formal wear, all reasonably priced and most of it costing less than $100. While the dress pictured isn’t necessarily what comes to mind when you hear “formal,” it is yet another example of how looking at alternative options can save a lot of money. This past spring, my niece attended her senior homecoming in a $120 dress from JCPenney. She looked phenomenal, and you would never have guessed it didn’t come from a boutique.

I understand the needs that come with formal wear, and specialty shops usually offer alterations with an onsite seamstress. While you may forgo that convenience, that doesn’t mean the dress can’t be altered to fit perfectly. There are plenty of people in our area who do this sort of thing on a daily basis and, to be perfectly honest, would probably charge you less than the seamstress at the dress shop.

A quick Google search of “formal dresses” brings up a multitude of choices, some of sites you may know and others I would be hesitant to order from. One site in particular being LuLu’s (stay away). Macy’s for instance, offers formal wear as well, with the highest price I could find being about $200. Kohl’s is another great option.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look like a million bucks. Have a great week and happy shopping!

Katrina Dick is a lifelong Wayne County resident who is looking to inspire others in Wayne how to not only be frugal when shopping, but be stylish while saving.

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