Pet plan for a foreign land

November 18, 2018

Dear Readers: Traveling to a foreign country with a pet requires preparation and planning. Here are some things to consider:

* First, please consult the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website (www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel) for advice.

* All vaccinations must be up to date and administered in advance of the trip. Airlines and foreign countries will require proof.

* The European Union has an “EU pet passport” system that makes traveling with your pet through the EU easier.

* DO NOT give your pet anti-nausea or anti-anxiety medication unless your vet recommends it.

* Your pet will need a reservation, so make sure you discuss this with the airline before traveling.

-- Heloise

Forgetful father

Dear Heloise: As my father grew older, he would sometimes forget to turn off the ignition of the car. I made a large sign and placed it on the wall, at eye level, so that every time he drove in, he would see “Turn off the ignition, now!” I probably saved him from carbon-monoxide poisoning. -- Frank F., Manassas, Va.

Slick lip tricks

Dear Heloise: As a makeup artist, I have a few tricks up my sleeve on enhancing a woman’s lips. Here are some of them:

1. Wipe off lip balm before applying lipstick to get an even coverage.

2. Always warm a lip liner for a few seconds by holding the tip in warm fingers before applying.

3. Shine makes lips look bigger. No lip gloss handy? Use petroleum gel to add that sexy look to your lips.

4. A red lipstick with a blue undertone will make your teeth look whiter.

5. A professional model will often keep her lipstick and indeed her makeup in a small, zippered, plastic bag with a chilled gel pack.

-- A Reader, via email

Silverware that shines

Dear Heloise: Is there a simple way to shine silverware? -- Kat M., Stafford, Okla.

A good tarnish-removing formula is to place a clean sheet of tinfoil in your sink or a bowl. Make a mound of salt in your hand and pour it in the bowl. Then do the same with a mound of baking soda. Pour in just enough hot water to cover the objects, and wait for a few minutes. You’ll see it change before your eyes. -- Heloise

Piano keys

Dear Heloise: How do I get dirt and gunk off my piano keys? -- Zoe J., Appleton, Wis.

Zoe, if they’re plastic, rub with a chamois cloth dipped in vinegar that is mixed with a little warm water. If they’re ivory, use a barely damp cloth and a bit of gentle soap to wipe, and be sure to dry the white keys ASAP! Use another damp cloth for the black keys. Then buff. -- Heloise

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