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Principal Expels Bart Simpson

April 28, 1990

FREMONT, Ohio (AP) _ Bart Simpson, the spiky-headed cartoon champion of underachievement, has been expelled from an elementary school whose principal says he teaches kids the wrong lesson.

Bill Krumnow, principal of Lutz Elementary School in Ballville Township, asked students not to wear T-shirts bearing the likeness of the bug-eyed wisecracking 10-year-old star of the Fox Television cartoon show, ″The Simpsons.″

Krumnow made the announcement, which he maintains is not an outright ban, on Wednesday over the school’s public address system after consulting with teachers.

At issue is a shirt that boasts, ″Under-achiever and proud of it, man.″ The shirt is part of a line of ″The Simpsons″ family gear.

″To be proud of being an incompetent is a contradiction of what we stand for,″ said Krumnow. ″We strive for excellence and to instill good values in kids.″

Krumnow also said he’s no fan of the weekly show, saying it ″teaches the wrong thing to students.″

The response from the show’s makers? Don’t have a cow, man, as Bart would say. Cool your jets. Antonia Coffman, a spokeswoman for the show, said that the Simpsons aren’t meant to set any kind of example.

″We know the family isn’t exactly a role model family. We know they’re not the brightest family in America. They’re not meant to be,″ Coffman said. ″This is satire.″

Cathy Reiter, mother of a Lutz fourth-grader, thinks the flap is senseless.

″They’re blowing it way out of proportion. It’s only a cartoon,″ she said. ″To me, it’s comical.″

She said her daughter, Holly, has several Simpson shirts, including the one that offended Krumnow.

Krumnow isn’t the first school official to discipline Bart, Coffman told The Blade of Toledo.

But he is fast becoming a cult hero anyway, she said.

″We know Bart’s a brat,″ she said. ″Bart spelled differently is Brat. He’s a holy terror.″

Krumnow doesn’t expect Bart’s effect on his young fans to last.

″Bart is a big thing right now,″ he said. ″But it’s a passing fad.″