Orchids and Onions: Saturday, October 13, 2018

October 14, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the dog owners on Broken Arrow Drive that do not pick up after their dogs. There are tons of it. We’ve taken pictures and will notify the proper authorities.

Orchids to Jeff Gilbert and the LHC Gold Club staff for providing the venue and buffet at the memorial for my late husband. They did a wonderful job.

Onions to winter residents who drink and drive in our town. This may be the Wild West, but your irresponsible behavior isn’t wanted here.

Onions to the person disparaging the yellow school bus project. I’m a spectator; your statements are pompous. Yellow buses are indeed yellow, but still visit new destinations. It’s the spirit of adventure, no matter how you get there. Stop imposing your narrow standards; let them have fun.

Orchids to John Twomey from Pro Therapy. Thank you for all you have done for me. I walk better and my legs are a lot stronger, due to all the exercises you made me do. Thank you for caring, Bob Casaburi

Onions to the neighbors Wednesday night burning brush. It made the whole neighborhood stink and you could have caught the desert on fire. Plus, your yippy dog and the bigger dog made a ruckus. Getting tired of your inconsiderations.

Orchids to Andy and his team at Elite Landscaping for getting our backyard done so quickly and being so honest about everything. It’s so beautiful; we love it. The Gugertys

Orchids to Clayton of Stone Trix for changing our minds on the color of granite for our home. Thank goodness! He and Mike did a beautiful job of installation; it is absolutely beautiful. We are very happy. J and J on Papeete Dr.

Orchids to Ben, my wonderful SuddenLink man who fixed my phone problem. What a guy. He knew the problem as soon as he came in and fixed it immediately. SuddenLink guys are the greatest.

Onions to restaurant management and staff for failing to notice they had a celebrity in their midst. Asking to see the man’s identification before accepting his credit card was an unpardonable insult. If you expect me to bring more Hollywood elite into your business, you’d better wise up!

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