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On The Light Side

January 4, 1986

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) _ JoAnn Howay’s first trip on an aircraft came aboard a Coast Guard jet, but the thrill was overshadowed by the mid-flight arrival of her son Andy.

″I can’t wait till he grows up. I sure have a good story to tell him,″ the 21-year-old new mother said.

The 3-pound, 5-ounce premature boy was in good condition at Munson Medical Center here Friday following his birth Thursday morning aboard a Falcon jet traveling at 400 mph and 12,000 feet over Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula, Coast Guard officials said.

The Coast Guard was called in to ferry Mrs. Howay to Munson from the small town of Ossineke after she reported premature labor pains. But Andy couldn’t wait.


OTTAWA (AP) - A pooped Atlantic puffin that turned up in Eastern Ontario about three weeks ago has winged its way home to Newfoundland, but on silver wings, not the feathered kind.

A visiting Newfoundland couple heard of the wayward bird’s plight and volunteered to escort it back to St. John’s on an Air Canada flight.

Kit Chubb, who runs a wild bird hospital just north of Kingston, Ontario, had nursed the puffin after it was found half-frozen and exhausted on a roadside near Pembroke, near Ottawa.

Experts said the puffin, a waterfowl normally found along northeastern Atlantic coasts, was probably blown off course or became disoriented on its way to the ocean where puffins spend the winter.


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) - Anyone for a pile of stale crackers? You could probably get them cheap.

Since 1963 the city of Independence has stockpiled 4,000 cans of crackers and other items once deemed neccessary for nuclear fallout shelters. But the city has lost its lease on the storage space and is putting the items up for sale.

Bids will be opened Thursday for the crackers, barrels of water, packs of hard candy and sanitation and medical kits.

Independence held on to the crackers and water even though it was told in 1976 by the old Civil Defense office that the supplies probably were rancid and not fit for human consumption.

″We checked them,″ said John Amadio, director of the Independence Health Department. ″Some were rancid. But ... we thought something would be better than nothing.″

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