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December 17, 1987

Undated (AP) _ ″I’m obviously very disappointed, but at the same time I know in my heart that I’m innocent.″ - Michael K. Deaver, after a federal court jury convicted him of lying about the lobbying business he formed after leaving President Reagan’s staff in 1985.


″The rigged election must be rejected with all the peoples’ strength.″ - A statement by South Korea’s opposition National Coalition for Democracy, rejecting the presidential election victory of governing party candidate Roh Tae-woo.


″We are working to accommodate everybody, and get something that will not just leave the Contras out to dry, or to wither on the vine, but provide continuity of a level of food and clothing and shelter and medicine, and the delivery of that material, into or possibly even through February.″ - House Speaker Jim Wright, as House leaders sought support for a compromise $6 million aid package for Nicaragua’s Contra rebels.

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