Lifeguards review year, float future plans

August 20, 2018

NEEDLES — With the Needles Municipal Aquatic Center closed for the season, the lifeguard staff had their end-of-year debriefing.

“This season we only had three incident reports but there were no major incidents reported which is really good,” said Jennifer Valenzuela, city of Needles recreation department manager. “I did not get one phone call of a parent complaining which directly correlates to how great our lifeguard staff and shift leaders did this year.”

George DeLeon, head lifeguard, stated that he was proud of how all the lifeguards did during the season but also when they had their inspection.

“Redundancy is important when it comes to teaching how to be a lifeguard,” said DeLeon. “It helps everyone be more prepared and it helps us make sure that anyone can do it. That helped us a lot when we had our inspection because the inspector was able to pick someone out from the group and I knew that they could do what they were asked to do.”

Both Valenzuela and DeLeon thanked the junior lifeguards who participated in the program stating that when they take their test of being a lifeguard they will know what to do and will pass it with no problems at all.

The lifeguards submitted anonymously what they learned this year and what they would like to see done next year.

A couple of things they learned this year was how to do CPR correctly, how to use the AED (Automated External Defibrillators) device, how to turn off the slide in an emergency and much more. Some of the things mentioned they would like to see next year were having more emergency scenarios to practice, acquiring better whistles and having a place for the junior lifeguards to sit.

“On behalf of myself and the city we really appreciated what you did this summer and can’t thank you enough for how hard all of you worked,” said Valenzuela.

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