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September 19, 1989

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) _ Waitress Rose Betzer was in a lousy mood when she showed up for work and didn’t believe her boss when he told her: ″You’re serving the president.″

″Get outta here,″ she told him.

It was no joke. President Bush, House Speaker Tom Foley and his wife, Heather, and Environmental Protection Agency administrator William Reilly had dinner Monday night at Patsy Clark’s, an upscale restaurant in a converted turn-of-the-century mansion.

Ms. Betzer said her initial nervousness about serving the president changed ″the minute I met him. He was just a wonderful, nice man.″

Bush and Foley ordered spinach salad and Jack Daniels steak, which has a bourbon sauce. Bush took Foley’s suggestion to try a Washington state wine, ordering a chardonnay and a sauvignon blanc from Spokane’s Arbor Crest winery. They topped off their meal with a huckleberry tart a la mode, Ms. Betzer said.

Bush picked up the bill, $121 plus tip.

″You will take a check, won’t you?″ he asked.


BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) - Most foreign visitors go sight-seeing, checking out things like the Grand Canyon or historical sites. But Andre Borjesson is filling his time looking inside chimneys.

Borjesson, 24, is a chimney sweep, touring the country for the Swedish Chimney Sweep Guild to learn more about his profession and to share Swedish techniques and tools.

″I’m like a spy here, trying to see what we can learn,″ he joked.

In the Belleville area, he’s living and working with Hugh Maine, owner of Maine Chimney Sweep.

″We’ve learned a lot more from this visit than the Swedes have learned from us,″ Maine said.

Chimney sweeping is an honored professions in Sweden, where wood-stoves are widely used to combat the long winters.

A clogged chimney can be a fire hazard. A huge fire that destroyed much of Stockholm in the 1600s led to the establishment of the chimney sweep profession and the setting of inspection standards.

Now chimney sweeps and police are the only two professions in Sweden allowed to wear a special belt buckle decorated with two lions facing a crown.

″The queen gave us the belt buckle to honor the profession,″ Borjesson said.

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