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Positive Identifications of Flight 800 Victims

July 25, 1996

The Suffolk County medical examiner has released the following names of passengers positively identified from TWA Flight 800. (Other passengers may have been identified but their names were not released because families had not been notified.)

Aikins-Bellamy, Sandra, New York City

Allen, Otis Lamar, Marietta, Ga.

Amlund, Svein, Norway

Anderson, Jule, Warson Woods, Mo.

Bellazoug, Myriam, Paris

Berthe, Line, Belleville, France

Berthe, Maurice, Belleville, France

Bohlin, Michelle, Montoursville, Pa.

Bossuyt, Luc, Trumbull, Conn.

Brooks, Ruth, Edgartown, Pa.

Caillaud, Daniel, Deux Sevres, France

Callas, Daniel, Philadelphia

Charbonnier, Jacques, Northport, N.Y.

Chemtob, Monique, Los Angeles

Christopher, Janet, Brodheadsville, Pa.

Cox, Monica, Montoursville, Pa.

Crandell, Pamela, Tracy Landing, Md.

D’Alessandro, Anna, Colle Bar, Italy

D’Humieres, Dominiques, LePlessis, France

Darley, Francois, Grenoble, France

DeLange, Syvain, Paris

DeLouvriere, Judith, New York City

Dickey, Douglas, Williamsport, Pa.

Diiorio, Christine, Prato, Italy

Diiorio, Pietro, Prato, Italy

DiLuccio, Debra, Italy

Dodge, Warren, Ashland, Mass., and Brentwood, N.H.

Dwyer, Larkyn, New River, Ariz.

Ellison, Marie, Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Feeney, Diedre, New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Feeney, Kathleen, New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Furlano, Rosaria, France

Gallagher, Claire, Montoursville, Pa.

Gough, Donald, Incline Village, Nev., and Mill Valley, Calif.

Graham, Steven, Napa, Calif.

Greene, Renee, North Woodmere, N.Y.

Griffith, Donna, Westhampton, N.Y.

Griffith, Joanne, New York City

Gustin, Anne, Tampa, Fla.

Hammer, Beverly, Long Beach, N.Y.

Hammer, Traci, Long Beach, N.Y.

Hazelton, Sandra, Beachwood, Ohio

Holst, Eric, Manorville, N.Y.

Johns, Courtney, Clarkston, Mich.

Johnsen, Arlene, Grand Junction, Colo.

Johnson, Jed, New York City

Jones, Ramona, West Hartford, Conn.

Karschner, Amanda, Montoursville, Pa.

Kirkhan, Margot, Brookfield, Conn.

Kwiat, Patricia, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Lang, Raymond, Tafton, Pa.

Lockhart, Maureen, Merriam, Kan.

Loudenslager, Jody, Trout Run, Pa.

Luevano, Jr., Elias, Albuquerque, N.M.

Lychner, Katherine, Houston

Lychner, Pamela, Houston

Martin, Betty Ruth, Belleville, Ill.

McPherson, Pamela Cobb, New York City

Meade, Sandra, Camano Island, Wash.

Merieux, Rudolph, Lyon, France

Miller, Elizabeth, Tenafly, N.J.

Miller, Gideon, Sarasota, Fla.

Miller, Kyle, Andres, Pa.

Miller, Robert, Tenafly, N.J.

Nibert, Cheryl, Montoursville, Pa.

O’Hara, John, Irvington, N.Y.

Penzer, Judy, Lawrence, N.Y.

Pohlman, Rico, New York, N.Y.

Price, Peggy, Englewood, Colo.

Richter, Noemie, Brousse, France

Rogers, Kim, Montoursville, Pa.

Romagna, Barbara, Sun City, Fla.

Rupert, Judith, Montoursville, Pa.

Schuldt, Michael, Safety Harbor, Fla.

Siebert, Brenna, Holts Summit, Mo.

Siebert, Chrisha, Kansas City, Mo.

Silverman, Candice, Los Angeles

Silverman, Marietta, Los Angeles

Simmons, Olivia, Orange, N.J.

Teang, Rachama-Chan, France

Thiery, Josette, France

Torche, Melinda, Mission Viejo, Calif.

Uzupis, Larissa, Montoursville, Pa.

Warren, Lani, San Diego

Watson, Jill, Pittsburgh

Weatherby, Thomas, Stevenson, Ala.

Wolfson, Eleanor, Williamsport, Pa.

Wolters, Bonnie, New York City

Ziemkiewicz, Jill, Rutherford, N.J.

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