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Man Charged With Threatening To Kill President

July 20, 1994

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ He got nowhere near President Clinton, authorities say. But Paul F. Walling Jr.’s mouth - and his gun collection - were enough to put him behind bars.

The unemployed auto mechanic was charged Tuesday with threatening to kill the president, weapons fraud and moving a stolen van across state lines.

″I had no intention of harming anybody,″ Walling told a judge in Cape May, N.J., where he was arrested on Saturday. ″It’s poor judgment and real stupid to bring weapons.″

Walling, 46, told a friend who is a police officer that he wanted to shoot Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno ″for what they have done to the American people by trying to take guns away from them,″ court papers said.

There’s no evidence that he ever came near Clinton, who visited Philadelphia on Friday. But searches of Walling’s home in suburban Berwyn, the van and a New Jersey house yielded about 40 weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, the U.S. Secret Service said.

Walling faces up to 95 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.