Grateful To All Who Helped Following An Injury

March 28, 2019

Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to briefly critique an incident which happened to me on March 13, in which I was injured a life-threatening event. I would like to praise and thank and offer appreciation, which I have already personally expressed, to all individuals involved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the following: Plains Twp. EMTs Tricia and Angie who stabilized me and when bringing yet another patient in, stopped to check on me. Thank you to the ER doctors — the many who treated me, Dr. Brown, Dr. Sreehatha Naik, Dr. Arvino Kumar and all the other doctors, please forgive me. I don’t remember all your names — and the nurses — the CNAs especially Nalla. The respiratory and therapists, especially Jen, the food service woman (excellent food by the way). Everyone above and the janitorial staff and others have all been wonderful to me at Geisinger hospital. Although the ER was a madhouse with beds in the hallways and the ambulances kept coming and coming, the staff was professional, calm and patient and focused on the care and concerns of the patients. The devotion to their patients while being so attentive and focused under such pressure is commendable. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge them publicly. It seemed like a “United Nations” grouping of the best of the best and the brightest from many countries. I am grateful to them for being here, and I am grateful to God for inspiring them to come to Wilkes-Barre to save lives as they so unselfishly do every day — and thanks to Padre Pio — for prayers answered. Virginia M. “Ginny” Craig PLAINS TWP.