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Rockies Accuse D’Backs of Spying

March 26, 1998

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) _ The Arizona Diamondbacks call it an honest mistake by an overzealous employee, but Colorado Rockies manager Don Baylor calls it spying.

Glenn Goldman, the Diamondbacks’ video coordinator, was ejected from a pair of exhibition games last week for taping the Rockies without permission.

Baylor isn’t buying the Diamondbacks’ apologies, however profuse. The teams play on opening day in Phoenix.

``I wouldn’t have thought of stooping to that level,″ he said. ``I wonder what they’ll have at Bank One Ballpark. They might have the clubhouse bugged. I can’t put that past them considering the (stuff) they’ve tried this spring.″

Both teams’ training camps are in Tucson, though at different ballparks.

Arizona manager Buck Showalter said there was nothing untoward about the incident.

``He went on his own,″ Showalter said.

On Wednesday, moments after the Rockies beat the Diamondbacks 11-10, Arizona general manager Joe Garagiola Jr. stopped Baylor as he left the field to apologize yet again.

Goldman, formerly with the NBA’s Orlando Magic, taped Sunday’s Rockies game against the San Diego Padres and then taped Monday’s Rockies game against the Chicago White Sox.

He was ejected from the Sunday game, and Monday’s was delayed while he was removed from the center-field camera site. After changing clothes, he returned to that game and was found taping Rockies reliever Jerry DiPoto’s bullpen warmup.

Rockies players said he told them he was making a documentary for the Colorado team.

Garagiola said ``he thought he was doing his job. He understands he made mistakes.″

Baylor remained unconvinced.

``We might not even have been the first team they taped,″ he said. ``That may not even have been the first time they taped us. It was just the first time they were caught. They’ve been scouting us for three years. You’d think they knew everything about us.″

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