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Names In The Game

October 1, 1993

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) _ Former world heavyweight champion Leon Spinks on Friday was refused a license to box in New Zealand.

Spinks was announced last week as the opponent for World Boxing Federation heavyweight champion Jimmy Thunder in a Nov. 12 fight in Auckland.

The Auckland Boxing Association rejected Spinks, 39, as a suitable opponent for Thunder, a Samoan-born New Zealander who fights out of Australia. Thunder, 27, has a 16-4 record with 14 knockouts.

ABA chairman Gary McCrystal said Spinks had failed to provide a full record of his activities over the last three years.

He said Spinks also did not have a current professional boxing certificate or a medical certificate and had been involved in problems outside the ring.


HOUSTON (AP) - Houston Oilers owner Bud Adams, whose team is off to a 1-3 start, says he believes some players have too many outside activities during the season.

″They have to get their off-field commitments off their backs so we can start playing football,″ Adams said.

″It’s fine for charity functions and all that. But, my gosh, these guys are getting paid enough so they can spend all their time on football. They can do all the charity things they want to do when the season’s over. They have too many functions going on. They need to be thinking about football.″

Quarterback Warren Moon, who has thrown eight interceptions, only four touchdown passes and been sacked 12 times, was one of the players mentioned by Adams.

Adams cited a trip Moon made the week of the San Diego game to film a video for NFL properties.

Moon said he doesn’t believe what he does off the field takes ″away from my focus.″

Adams said he wasn’t angry with Moon, but said he was upset with the league for asking the quarterback to make the trip in the first place.


DENVER (AP) - Denver Broncos linebacker Karl Mecklenburg wants to kick the foot out of football.

Kickers have decided a lot of NFL games this season, and Mecklenburg is disturbed by the trend. If it were his game, he’d give them all the boot.

John Carney has scored all of San Diego’s points in its two victories, and Nick Lowery did the same in Kansas City’s 15-7 victory over the Broncos. All NFL kickers have combined to connect on 165 of 205 field-goal attempts, an all-time high of 80.5 percent.

″I’ve always maintained that football would be a lot more fun if they just eliminated all the kicking and punting,″ Mecklenburg said. ″It would be a better game if it was just four downs, back and forth. Start with the ball on the 20 at the beginning of the game and see who scores more.

″It just seems kind of strange to me that you’re out there killing yourself for 60 minutes and then some guy with no dirt on his uniform comes in to kick the ball and decide the game.″


BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore doesn’t have an NFL team, but the team has a nickname, The Bombers. Leonard ″Boogie″ Weinglass, head of a group trying to bring an expansion franchise to the city, says that’s what the club will be called if the city gets it.

Rhinos, Ravens and Cobras were among the names that lost out when the potential owners saw the Bomber logo. It won them over.


SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) - LPGA star Dottie Mochrie is trying to give the golf team at her old high school a boost.

Mochrie donated a set of her signature golf clubs to the golf team at Saratoga Springs High School, where sports boosters are trying to raise money so teams can participate in postseason tournaments and playoffs.

In May, the district’s board of education eliminated funding of postseason sports events in this school year as a budget-cutting measure. District athletic director Ray Waldron has told teams that they will have to raise money privately to cover participation in playoffs.

″I was tempted to send a check, but that’s not how I was brought up,″ said Mochrie this week from her home in Florida. ″When I was there, we didn’t have bags or shirts or anything. ... They don’t have their own booster club like the football team or enough people to divide the money up.″

The clubs are worth $1,300, but Mochrie said they probably will bring more than that in a raffle later this month.

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