Gov. Walker has kept taxes in check -- Joseph Tripalin

October 2, 2018

The November election is just over a month away, and the differences between the candidates for governor are very clear. Among their differences are taxes.

Gov. Scott Walker wants to continue to hold the line on taxes, while challenger Tony Evers is your typical tax-and-spend liberal. Let’s be honest, we already live in a very high tax state. We are near the top compared to many other states when you look at property taxes and personal income taxes. So Gov. Walker has at least stabilized these taxes and helped keep them in check. Evers, if elected, will want to raise these taxes and other taxes such as the state gas tax.

I don’t like everything about Gov. Walker, but I sure don’t want to vote for Evers and see already high taxes go even higher. When you go to the polls, you know what you are voting for if you support Evers.

Joseph Tripalin, McFarland

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