Highlight-reel catches make Herd’s Brady a quarterback’s best friend

September 7, 2018

Marshall wide receiver Tyre Brady (8) looks in a pass from quarterback Isaiah Green for a touchdown against Miami (Ohio) defender Deondre Daniels (15) during an NCAA football game Saturday at Yager Stadium in Oxford, Ohio.

OXFORD, Ohio — The smile never left the face of Marshall redshirt freshman quarterback Isaiah Green as he spoke to media members following Marshall’s 35-28 win over Miami (Ohio) on Saturday evening.

In his collegiate debut, Green threw for 272 yards and two scores — both of which were of the highlight-reel variety to senior wide receiver Tyre Brady.

For the redshirt freshman quarterback, having Brady on the outside gave him a boost of confidence as he headed into his first collegiate start.

“Having Brady to throw to, that always helps,” Green said.

From the start, Miami showed that they would attempt to be physical with Brady in coverage.

Marshall’s initial first down in the game came on a deep shot to Brady in which the Red-Hawks’ secondary was called for defensive holding.

That initial penalty not only helped Green’s confidence, but it immediately showed him that the RedHawks did not have an answer for Brady, which simplifies the process in a quarterback’s mind.

Proof of such can be seen on both of Green’s touchdown passes.

The first touchdown pass came midway through the third quarter to put Marshall up 28-7.

Marshall’s rushing attack had been gashing Miami for five and six yards a clip, which forced the RedHawks into a situation to put an extra hat toward the line of scrimmage in run support.

With that alignment, Miami had one deep safety, who was near the hash even with Green, who made the pre-snap read.

The lone deep safety meant Brady was facing press coverage and he juked the cornerback off the line of scrimmage to avoid the jam, instantly getting separation.

Green laid the ball out properly, having enough touch to let Brady run under it while getting it far enough toward the sideline to keep the safety from being able to get over in time. Brady high-pointed the football and dragged both defenders into the end zone for the milestone in Green’s career.

“That feeling is just amazing when you know that you just came through for your team and the whole Herd Nation and everybody that was watching,” Green said. “It’s just an amazing feeling.”

The second touchdown toss came under different circumstances as the game tightened up in the fourth quarter. However, it was nearly an identical scenario.

A 50-yard punt return by Tyler King set the Herd up to take a two-score lead late in the game and salt the clock away.

Knowing the scenario, Miami stacked the box in hopes of stuffing the run, almost daring the Herd to throw.

Green and Brady both accepted that challenge with Green again seeing one-on-one coverage from Miami cornerback Deondre Daniels.

“One-on-one, you’ve got to go to him,” Green said. “It doesn’t make sense not to. I saw they left him out there on an island and I just gave him a chance to go and get the ball from me, and he did.”

Daniels interfered with Brady throughout the fade to the end zone, but Brady completed the catch through Daniels’ contact for a 21-yard score that proved to be the game-winner for the Herd.

Green’s confidence in making the throw is built from Brady’s mindset on one-on-one battles, which he explained following the game.

“I’ve just got to find a way,” Brady said. “I can’t be the one coming back with an excuse.”

On the night, Brady caught nine passes for 113 yards and two touchdowns while drawing another three defensive penalties — two of which led to first downs for the Herd and another that was nullified by the touchdown reception.

As gaudy as those statistics are, the biggest impact goes beyond the numbers.

With many young quarterbacks, talent is not the issue. Instead, it is often trust in themselves and confidence in others to make the necessary plays.

Those latter factors can lead to hesitation, which can allow for a secondary to recover or make a play of their own.

When it comes to Brady, though, Green has no hesitation.

That confidence — born from a trusted, playmaking senior wide receiver — was all Green needed to turn his debut with the Herd into a success.

“That feeling is just amazing when you know that you just came through for your team and the whole Herd Nation and everybody that was watching. It’s just an amazing feeling.”

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