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Panicked Workers Call 911 as Gunman Fires in Office With PM-Office Shooting

June 20, 1990

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ Here is the transcript of 911 emergency calls made by General Motors Acceptance Corp. workers to the Sheriff’s Office.

The initial call was made at 10:44 a.m. Monday. The others were made almost simultaneously. Police arrived at the scene at 10:49 a.m. The fates of the woman and two men calling from inside the GMAC office are not known.

Dispatcher Robynn Owens: 911, Owens.

(Gunshot is heard)

Unidentified woman (calling from GMAC office): Yeah, this is GMAC (shot) on Baymeadows. Somebody’s in here with a shotgun shooting. (shot, heavy sigh, a cry in the background).

Owens: Is it a man? (shot) A woman? Who is it?

Caller: (speaking softly) Black man. (shot)

Owens: Stay on the line (shot) with me. Let me trans--(shot). Don’t hang up, OK?

Caller: Yeah. (Dispatcher Owens then orders patrol units to the GMAC office. Two more shots are heard over the telephone line).

Caller: (whisper) I gotta go.

(Dispatcher continues radio transmission during which five more shots are heard and then dispatcher reports that the caller has hung up).

Dispatcher Cynthia Weatherly : 911, Weatherly.

Unidentified man (calling from GMAC office): GMAC, there’s a man with a gun here.

(Call ends with dial tone. Dispatcher attempts to call back but gets a busy signal.)

Dispatcher Melissa Feagin: 911 Emergency, Ms. Feagin.

Male caller (calling from outside GMAC office): Yes, this is Barry Kimbal.

Feagin: Yes, sir?

Kimbal: There’s a man in our office with a gun.

Feagin: What is your address, sir?

Kimbal: 7870 Baymeadows Way.

Feagin: OK, this is GMAC?

Kimbal: Yes it is.

Feagin: OK, do you know ...?

Kimbal: He has fired at several people.

Feagin: What does he look like, sir?

Kimbal: Excuse me?

Feagin: White or black?

Kimbal: Black.

Feagin: Has somebody been shot?

Kimbal: Uh, he was shooting at people ... I don’t know.

Feagin: OK, he’s a black male. What color shirt is he wearing?

(Kimbal talks to someone standing nearby, then gives a description of the gunman to the dispatcher.)

Kimbal: Blue jacket, looks like a .22 semiautomatic rifle.

Background voice: Definitely semiautomatic. (Pause and heavy breathing).

Feagin: And where did he go?

Kimbal: He’s still in there shooting.

Feagin: OK.

Kimbal: Shooting everybody. Come on 3/8

(The dispatcher informs patrol units the suspect is still in the business, still armed and firing rounds and gives a description).

Feagin: What else can you tell me? How did he get there? Do you know what ....?

Kimbal: (interrupts her) I don’t know. I was at my desk, I heard two shots. I looked up. He had a rifle, a gun shootin’ ... (several deep breaths). I ducked behind the desk.

Feagin: Right.

Kimbal: I ran over to Baker Brothers, a neighboring business, to call you all.

(Dispatcher tries unsuccessfully to find out what type of car the gunman was driving and get a further description of the gunman).

Kimbal: All we know is he came in and started shooting.

Feagin: OK, we got police en route, OK?

Kimbal: OK.

Feagin: Thank you.

Kimbal: Bye.

Dispatcher Weatherly: Jacksonville 911, Weatherly.

Unidentified male caller (calling from inside GMAC office): Listen send the police to ...

Weatherly: The police are on the way. Has anybody been shot?

Caller: Yes, yes, we’re being killed 3/8

Weatherly: OK, we got the police and rescue on the way. Sir, can you give me a description of the guy?

Caller: He’s a black male with an AK-47 and he’s killing everybody.

Weatherly: AK-47?

Caller: Yes.

Weatherly: And what color shirt’s he wearing, sir?

Caller: I don’t know.

Weatherly: Huh?

Caller: (Speaking softly) He’s here now.

Weatherly: OK, we got ’em on the way. Are you in a safe place?

Caller: No.

Weatherly: Do you know the man’s name?


Caller: (whispering) Send the, send the SWAT team now.

Weatherly: OK, we got ’em on the way sir. Is there any kind of description you can give me of him?

Caller: (whispering) Black male.

Weatherly: And that’s all you can tell me?

Caller: (whispering) Wearing a hat.

Weatherly: He’s wearing a hat?

Caller: (whispering) 10-4.

Weatherly: What color hat?

Caller: (whispering) Don’t know.

Weatherly: He’s got a mustache or beard or anything?

Caller: Don’t know.

Weatherly: OK, he’s got a, carrying an AK-47?

Caller: Yes.

Weatherly: OK, stay on the line with me, sir, OK? Are you in a safe place?

Caller: (whispering, faint) No.

(Dispatcher relays information to someone else at Sheriff’s Office. Partially garbled. The remainder of caller’s side of the conversation is said in whispers.)

Weatherly: Sir?

Caller: Yes.

Weatherly: Where is he at in the building?

Caller: Walking around.

Weatherly: He’s walking around?

Caller: Shooting (unintelligible).

Weatherly: Can you tell me what office building you’re in or anything?

Caller: GMAC.

Weatherly: Do you know ... is he upstairs or downstairs?

Caller: Downstairs.

Weatherly: Downstairs?

Caller: GMAC.

Weatherly: GMAC. We’ve got that sir. Can you tell me what color shirt he’s wearing?

Caller: No.

Weatherly: What color pants?

Caller: No.

Weatherly: Has he got a mask or anything on?

Caller: No.

Weatherly: No mask?

Caller: No.

Weatherly. You have no idea who he is?

Caller: No.

Weatherly: Do you see a vehicle that he’s driving?

Caller: No.

Weatherly: ... that he drove up in?

Caller: No.

Weatherly: Can you tell me sir if, um, is he right there where you’re at? Sir? Sir, can you talk?

(No answer. Tape ends)

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