McCarthy earned better treatment -- Scott Spoolman

December 5, 2018

The Green Bay Packers’ treatment of former head coach Mike McCarthy is shameful. Sure, he had to be fired. But would it have hurt anyone to wait until Monday morning, or even to the end of the season? No.

Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down. My son and I were at Lambeau for that long, dismal game against the Cardinals. But for us, the hardest part of that whole day was trying to figure out why the Packers treated McCarthy -- a good man who needs a job change -- like some kind of criminal. After all, he did take us through some pretty good seasons.

This has seriously shaken my faith in the Packers organization and makes me wonder if I will ever want to continue supporting the Packers. At this point, I surely don’t.

Scott Spoolman, Madison

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