LETTER: Media, opponents create ‘false narrative’ about King

January 17, 2019

I am ashamed of The New York Times in their inaccurate and out-of-context reporting regarding Rep. Steve King. Since when did Iowans start believing The New York Times? I am extremely disappointed that they and others have disregarded facts and quickly thrown Steve King under the bus without any regard to researching the truth. King’s congressional colleagues are well aware that he is a nationalist, not a racist.

I have known Steve for over 25 years as a man of principle who defends the original intent of the Constitution and the merits of Western civilization. When Steve and I served in the Iowa Senate together, I witnessed his courage and boldness in standing for the underprivileged and the rights of all citizens, including the unborn child. He stood for personal responsibility under the rule of law. He served the people by defending them against intrusiveness, taxation and overregulation in government. He did not enter the political process for personal gain, but for the hope of helping to restore our God-given liberties.

His goals and beliefs have not changed, but the liberal news media and his opponents have systematically created a false narrative about him.

Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, without facts, removed King of his committee assignments and left the 4th District without a representative voice in our political process. Are our Republican leaders more afraid of The New York Times and Democrat leaders than they are willing to stand up for truth in defending their friend? - Kitty Rehberg, Rowley, Iowa

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