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22nd Game Adjourned, Karpov Holds Advantage

November 5, 1985

MOSCOW (AP) _ Champion Anatoly Karpov attacked throughout the 22nd game of the World Chess Championwhip on Tuesday and experts said he appeared to have a winning position when the game adjourned.

Karpov, playing white, trails by two points in the battle to retain his crown and challenger Garri Kasparov needs to gain only a point in the final three games to win the title.

Playing white, Karpov was a pawn up when he sealed his 42nd move to adjourn the game until Wednesday.

Experts were unanimous in saying the champion was in a winning position. ″Karpov really came in fighting,″ said Brazilian chess expert Lincoln Lucena. ″He played to win.″

The opening, the exchange variation of the Queen’s Gambit, had been played in the two previous match games.

At move eight, Karpov began aggressive advance of his pawns on the king’s side and by move 12, Kasparov’s chief second, grandmaster Josef Dorfman, conceded that white stood better.

Kasparov built up counterplay along the king file, resulting in an exchange of queens at move 26. Experts said his position at this stage was only slightly worse than Karpov’s.

But Kasparov was left with only 20 minutes for his final 12 moves.

Kasparov won a pawn but Karpov’s plan of advancing his king at move 34 - a move that sent a buzz of chatter through the packed Tchaikovsky Hall - caused the challenger to lose further time.

After a series of exchanges on moves 36 through 38, Kasparov’s king was trapped in a box on the king’s side.

Karpov won a pawn with his 41st move, drawing a ripple of applause from the audience, which has tended to favor Kasparov throughout the match.

Chief arbiter Vladas Mikenas stepped forward waving his arms in the air to ask spectators to be quiet.

Soviet grandmaster Mark Taimanov said that Karpov had ″big winning chances″ in the adjourned position and Soviet grandmaster David Bronshtein said ″it’s probably winning″ for Karpov.

Kasparov leads by 11.5 points to Karpov’s 9.5 points. The challenger needs a victory or two draws to get the 12.5 points that would clinch the championship.

A victory is worth one point and a draw a half point.