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Gadhafi Urges Arab States to Kick Out Palestinians

September 18, 1995

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) _ Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has urged Arab states to expel Palestinians and suggested that the thousands living in Libya would eventually be forced to leave.

``Let Gaza and Jericho be flooded with Palestinians and this flood will overflow to Palestine between the river and the sea,″ Gadhafi said in a speech Sunday to a Muslim gathering.

Gadhafi ordered Palestinians to leave Libya Sept. 1 to show his displeasure with the Israel-PLO accord that gave Palestinians self-rule in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank town of Jericho.

He reportedly stopped the deportations Friday after the Palestine Liberation Organization, Arab states and the Arab League criticized the measure. But his comments Sunday suggested he had only postponed the expulsions. About 30,000 Palestinians live in Tripoli and other Libyan cities.

``All active forces in the Palestinian nation have to spur the Palestinians to leave the dirty camps and the life of begging,″ Gadhafi said in comments carried by the official Libyan news agency JANA, which is monitored in Cairo.

``This is the opportunity for them to leave misery behind them and go to their country,″ he said.

Thousands of Sudanese and Egyptian workers have also been expelled from Libya in recent months. Well over 1 million foreigners are believed working in the North African country, and Gadhafi has often used their presence as a way to pressure their home countries.

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