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At Least 30 Killed In Riots In Northern Nigeria

June 1, 1995

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) _ Riots broke out between Christians and Muslims in the northern city of Kano, and at least 30 people were killed, newspapers reported Thursday.

The violence started Tuesday in Kano’s central market after a Muslim of the Hausa ethnic group got into an argument with a Christian from the Ibo tribe.

Newspapers quoted witnesses as saying the dispute was over where stalls could go at the market.

Fellow tribesmen joined the fray, and the fighting spilled into city streets. People battled with sticks, machetes and stones and rampaged through neighborhoods, burning shops and cars and attacking houses.

Newspaper reports Thursday said 30 to 32 people had died.

State administrator Col. Mohammed Wase, touring the city of 500,000 Thursday in an attempt to calm residents, insisted the riot was provoked by criminals, and not by religious or ethnic feelings.

Ethnic fighting, however, has plagued the city for years, including riots four years ago that killed 100 people. Kano, about 550 miles north of Lagos, is mainly Muslim, but its market is filled with migrant Ibos selling their wares.

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