WINDHOEK, Namibia (AP) _ President Sam Nujoma has demanded that neighboring Botswana return 130 alleged rebels to Namibia, where they are to stand trial for treason and murder.

In a state of the nation address broadcast Saturday, Nujoma said the group was led by a former opposition leader, Mishake Muyongo, and that it advocated secession for a panhandle of land in northeastern Namibia.

``They have committed a serious act of treason and cold-blooded murder in the Republic of Namibia,'' said Nujoma. ``We will make them pay for this.''

The group fled to Botswana about ten days ago, where members are being held on charges of illegally crossing the border and carrying arms. They have applied for political asylum.

Nujoma accused the group of launching an armed rebellion and murdering a supporter who wanted to back out.