Splish-splash, trespasser was taking a bath

November 10, 2018

A person who recently rented an apartment told the Columbia Falls Police Department someone had kicked in the door and took a bath in the tub. When the renter arrived, he discovered the chains were locked from the inside and he could hear voices inside. He believes the trespassers left from the back door.

A caller said her mother-in-law had locked her keys in the car and when they used the phone as a flashlight, 911 was accidentally dialed.

A man called the Whitefish Police Department to report a man had cussed at him and his wife earlier that day. He said the man cussed at them because he was angry due to the children being too loud.

Another 911 call came from a female student who was in class at the time.

A linen company making a delivery mistakenly tripped an alarm.

When a man dialed 911 without intending to, a dispatcher said she could hear two drunk men having a conversation about salmon steaks. On the call back, the man said he was fine.

Yet another 911 mistake dial originated from a phone inside a pillow. The phone belonged to a woman who was staying at a hotel. She said she didn’t realize her phone dialed on its own.

A woman told the Kalispell Police Department someone stole her wallet from her shopping cart while she placed groceries in her vehicle. The wallet was described as pink with a faux diamond cross.

A 17-year-old boy who admitted to having a marijuana pipe in his room called the police to say his grandmother was abusing him. He said his grandma had “some stuff on him” and he didn’t want to get into trouble. He was also concerned that his grandma would “snitch” him out. Police determined the incident wasn’t abuse, just a little discipline.

A person at the gas station heard a woman screaming “stop” and that she didn’t want to be touched. When an officer found the woman, she said she had been in a verbal argument with her boyfriend. She said she would be more quiet so as not to alarm the public she may be in danger. The boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

A caller said someone had broken into his Jeep and stole a skill saw and a checkbook. The value of the items was about 1 bills. The person who passed them was no longer at the location.

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