Democratic lawmakers want Mueller to testify, worry White House will doctor report

March 19, 2019

Sen. Jack Reed said Tuesday special counsel Robert Mueller should testify before Congress to offer transparency into the almost two-year investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

“I think it’d be appropriate after the report has been released to have Director Mueller come before the Congress,” the Rhode Island Democrat told CNN.

“He should be available to answer questions that the American public will have, not just members of Congress,” he added.

Mr. Reed also shared concern he may not get the chance to view the report and hopes Attorney General William P. Barr would make the findings public.

Meanwhile, Rep. Steve Cohen echoed Mr. Reed’s sentiment, saying the White House “waived their right to executive privilege when they cooperated with the investigation.”

“The White House in this situation is the subject of this investigation, the possible target of impeachment,” the Tennessee Democrat said.

“The idea that they should be able to go back after they waived privilege and redact [or] edit the report before Congress sees it and the public sees it is just totally wrong,” he added.

Mr. Cohen also said he does “not have faith” in Mr. Barr preventing the White House from doctoring the report.