NEW YORK (AP) _ A woman who was severely burned at the World Trade Center was released from the hospital Tuesday after four months of treatment, saying ``I want to get back to the way I was.''

Her face bandaged, Elaine Duch, 49, told reporters at Weill Cornell Hospital's Burn Center that she was on the 88th floor of the one of the twin towers on Sept. 11 when she was injured. Rescuers helped her get down.

``I thank God that I'm here today,'' said Duch, who was wearing an FDNY baseball cap. ``Because when I got hurt on 88, I said, 'God save me,' and he did.''

Duch also said a strong will helped keep her alive. ``I didn't want to die,'' she said.

Duch is the 11th trade center burn patient to be released from the medical center. She was brought there in ``very critical condition'' on Sept. 11 with burns over 77 percent of her body and severe smoke inhalation injuries.

She said she would miss her caretakers at the hospital, and ``I know they'll miss me, too.''