Shoppers fill area stores looking for last minute Christmas gifts

December 24, 2018

HARLINGEN — The checkout lines didn’t stop chirping all day yesterday.

And it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

As shoppers paid for Christmas presents more shoppers poured into the area stores in town all day.

For many of the department store employees it was one rush they expect will run until today.

“ Oh, it’s been so busy,” said a Walmart employee with a cheerful smile. “It’s the day before Christmas Eve, and tomorrow we close at 6 o’clock.”

Many of the shoppers were there to ensure they would be ready for Christmas Day.

Inside the store, and like the Valle Vista Mall and other big name area stores, shoppers sifted through the isles, picking up display items as they looked for the perfect gift.

For some it was the first time they had an opportunity to be Santa’s little helper to get presents for under the tree.

“ I’m literally doing my last minute Christmas shopping,” said Nancy Zavala, a Harlingen resident. “I’m getting gifts for the kids.”

Zavala’s basket was full with toys bulging out of the top as she looked through the sales election at Five Below in Harlingen yesterday.

Zavala said this year is going to be a special Christmas.

“ I’m so thankful all my siblings will be together for the holiday, and Christmas dinner,” Zavala said.

She said her brother who lives out of state will be joining her and their family.

“ It is so hard to have everyone around for Christmas sometimes,” Zavala said. “There is always someone who has to be missing.”

The Valle Vista Mall also hosted the hustle and bustle Christmas shopping spirit.

Venders filled the corridors of the mall selling their signature products in front of the staple stores.

And the store lines there also had a longer-than-normal wait time.

The Salinas family of Harlingen was one of the hundreds of people shopping at the mall yesterday.

And they showed off their Christmas sprit by wearing the same outfit from head to toe.

“ We were at the mall to take family photos with Santa,” said Aylin Salinas, 11, a Bonham Elementary School student. “It is our last day of shopping before Christmas.”

She said her family has been looking forward to Christmas to celebrate with gift giving and dinner.

“ We did Secret Santa this year, and had to look for a lot of presents,” Aylin said.

The family was most proud of having their first family photo together as a group with Santa Claus.

“ It’s going to be a nice memory that will last with our family forever,” Aylin said.


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