Farm kids may be healthier than their urban counterparts

July 29, 2018

MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN - It is time for Nebraska parents to kick their kids outside to play and let them get good and dirty.

Studies are underway to see farm kids allowed to play in the soil are less susceptible to certain illness.

Scott Heilberger is with the National Farm Medicine Center and says that may be the case.

“Specifically we’re talking about the idea of the microbiome. Every individual has bacteria, fungi, viruses, or things that you collect on your body as you go through life. These things can be very protective as far as illnesses. A couple of research projects were finding out exactly when that immunity starts to kick in for farm kids and which of those microbiota are the good ones.”

Heilberger says rates of childhood asthma are increasing across the country but for farm kids the rates continue to decline.

He says there is something to growing up on the farm, working the soil and getting your hands dirty that is beneficial to your health.

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