Treated to tunes as they return: Buffalo Elementary welcomes students back to school after holidays

January 4, 2019

The students at Buffalo Elementary School in North Platte were surprised with a treat of a performance by Rascal on Thursday following Christmas break.

As students filed into the hallway, they heard the music coming from the gym and were escorted there, where they sang and danced to Rascal’s music.

“You guys are on time and at school today, and we are so proud of you,” said Principal Kim Flanders. “Let’s keep it up for the next semester of school.”

Not only were the students celebrating the first day back, but Rascal and Flanders also reminded the students of the importance of school attendance and being on time every day.

“Going into the second semester, 84 percent of our students are on track for ‘daring to go 5 below’ for attendance,” Flanders said, referring to the school district’s “Dare to Go 5 Below” program offering incentives for students with near-perfect attendance. “We want to keep the momentum going.”

Rascal Martinez, who uses only his first name professionally, is a popular musician and songwriter from Sutherland. He played songs the kids were familiar with and had them singing along with him.

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