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Abused Twins Back in Hospital Where They Struggled at Birth

February 28, 1996

WARNER, N.H. (AP) _ Sidney Corey has a long history of violence: He did time for armed robbery, was arrested after fights with his first wife, and allegedly shot out his trailer windows when the landlord evicted him.

Now, police say, Corey has extended his wrath to his 4-month-old twin sons, shaking them so hard that one of the baby’s eyes bled and causing brain injuries in both of them.

The babies, born three months premature, are back in the hospital, struggling once again to survive.

Zeboriah was in a coma in critical condition at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center early today. Zackoriah was in fair condition.

Born in October at the medical center, they weighed only about 1 pound each. Corey and his wife, Brenda, had shuttled between Holderness and Lebanon, more than an hour away, for visits.

``These kids are fighters,″ said Holderness Police Chief Ty Gagne. ``Unfortunately, they came up against the wall with their father, and he’s making it that much harder.″

Corey, 38, allegedly shook the babies Thursday at the family’s rented motel cottage in Holderness, 40 miles north of Concord, just weeks after they got out of the hospital. Mrs. Corey, 35, apparently was at work at the time.

``When she came home, she saw one of the boys was really bad and took him to the hospital,″ Gagne said.

The Union Leader of Manchester reported Tuesday that Zackoriah’s injuries weren’t discovered until Friday, when he was in state custody.

Corey was being evaluated at the state mental hospital. A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said he tried to kill himself Sunday night. When he is released, police said, they will charge him with assault.

Brenda Clifford and her husband, residents of a trailer park in Warner where Corey used to live, said they saw him only once with the twins.

``Sid carried them, kissing them,″ Mrs. Clifford said. ``He acted like he was proud of them.″

But trailer park owner Frank Hebert called Corey ``a violent person″ who did not pay his rent and rejected an opportunity to work off the debt.

``I finally evicted him, but before he left, all the windows in his trailer had been shot through and the electrical wires cut,″ Hebert said.

An unemployed construction worker, Corey had frequent run-ins with police.

He was convicted of armed robbery in 1984 and served four years in prison. He also was arrested by Concord police when he lived there for a short time. The charge was not available.

``He would slip a gear every now and then,″ said Bradford Police Chief Al Grindle, whose department responded to numerous domestic dispute calls in the early 1990s when Corey lived with his first wife.

``He raised hell. He cut the phone lines to the house,″ Grindle said.

Corey was arrested several times, but never jailed for the fights, and there were no charges that he abused his son from his first marriage, Grindle said.

His ex-wife, who still lives in the area, did not want her name disclosed and did not want to discuss the marriage.

``She wants to forget that part of her life,″ Grindle said.

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