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Mafia Murders Couple in Front of 2-Year-Old Son

February 26, 1995

CORLEONE, Sicily (AP) _ Suspected mob killers gunned down a young couple as they drove through this Mafia stronghold with their 2-year-old son.

The motive for the killings was not clear. Authorities did not believe the couple was linked to the Mafia, but the nature of the killings suggested mob involvement.

The killers fired on Francesco Saporito, 30, and his wife Giovanna Giammona, 27, as their car slowed at an intersection, news reports said.

Saporito died instantly and his wife died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Passers-by found the boy in their bullet-riddled car, cut by glass from shattered windows by otherwise unhurt in the Saturday night attack.

Giammona’s brother Giuseppe Giammona was slain at his clothing shop a month earlier.

Violence is rare in this hometown of the Mafia’s top bosses, made notorious when Mario Puzo borrowed its name for his fictional Mafia family in ``The Godfather.″

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