Senate Democrats seek to put the brakes on Kavanaugh impeachment talk

October 7, 2018

Senate Democrats moved Sunday to rein in talk of impeaching Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, a rallying cry of the progressive left that has drawn interest from some House Democrats.

Sen. Chris Coons, Delaware Democrat, described talk of impeaching the newly sworn-in justice “premature,” and called instead for concentrating on the November election.

“I think that’s premature,” Mr. Coons said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I think frankly we are just less than a month away from an election. Folks who feel very strongly one way or the other about the issues in front of us should get out and vote and participate.”

Mr. Coons cited the low likelihood of impeaching a sitting Supreme Court justice. Only one justice, Samuel Chase, has ever undergone House impeachment, and he was acquitted by the Senate in 1805.

“There’s only ever been one justice that’s been impeached, and I think talking about it at this point isn’t necessarily healing us and moving us forward,” said Mr. Coons.

WATCH: Sen. @ChrisCoons (D-Del.) tells Chuck Todd that beginning impeachment hearings against new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are “premature.” #MTP pic.twitter.com/np2yoob8hY Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) October 7, 2018

Sen. Mazie Hirono, Hawaii Democrat, deflected questions Sunday about whether Democrats should pursue impeachment if the party takes control of the House in the midterm elections.

“I’m much more focused on the here and now, which is that we have an election coming up,” said Ms. Hirono on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I said to the women who are justifiably angry but determined, I said they should be just focused like a laser beam on the elections.”

Meanwhile, progressive activists have reupped their calls for the House to impeach Justice Kavanaugh, who was confirmed Saturday on a 50-48 vote in the Senate.

“The Senate rushed through this process without taking the opportunity to conduct a real investigation of the serious charges against Kavanaugh,” said Ron Fein, legal director of Free Speech for People, which posted an “impeach Kavanaugh petition.” “It’s not too late for the House of Representatives to demand answers, and if warranted after a full investigation, to impeach Kavanaugh.”

🔥IMPEACH🔥DEM @RepJerryNadler, who’d be CHAIR of @HouseJudiciary if we #FlipTheHouse: “We would have to investigate any credible allegations of #perjury and other things that haven’t been properly looked into before.“How about #Kavanaugh’s FINANCES⁉️https://t.co/EaNAu5YzoB Dr. Dena Grayson (@DrDenaGrayson) October 5, 2018

It’s already time to #ImpeachKavanaugh. Scott Dworkin (@funder) October 6, 2018

Five Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee Reps. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Pramilla Jayapal of Washington, Hank Johnson of Georgia, Ted Lieu of California and Jerry Nadler of New York have called for opening an investigation into sexual-assault allegations made against Justice Kavanaugh, according to Newsweek.

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