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Sample Questions From Teacher Test With AM-Teacher Testing Bjt

March 10, 1986

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ The Texas Examination of Current Administrators and Teachers administered Monday included reading comprehension questions. The following sample questions were taken from a Texas Education Agency study guide for the exam:

One way to make learning meaningful, enjoyable and accessible to a greater number of students is team teaching. Many approaches to team teaching have been used. Perhaps the most successful approach has been to have teachers from different disciplines work together as a team. Units or entire courses could be team-taught, showing the relationships between, for example, art and geometry, mathematics and music, or foreign language and history. There are many possible combinations. Such a program could provide support and enrichment for students and teachers alike, creating a fertile, stimulating learning environment.

Which of the following is the best statement of the main idea of this selection?

A. History and foreign language can be effectively taught together.

B. Students and teachers can benefit from team-taught courses that combine subjects.

C. It is impossible to teach two different subjects in one course, even with two teachers in the classroom.

D. Team teaching is being used increasingly in public schools throughout the United States.

Correct answer - B

All students are entitled to enjoy the basic rights of citizenship. At the same time, each student is obligated to respect the rights of classmates, teachers, and other school personnel. Students who violate the rights of others are subject to appropriate disciplinary measures. Such measures are necessary to promote student responsibility in the school community.

It is up to the schools to foster a climate of mutual respect for the rights of others. Such an environment should enhance the educational purpose for which the schools exist.

Which of the following statements is an opinion presented in the selection?

A. Students who violate another student’s rights are subject to disciplinary measures.

B. Many students today do not show enough respect for their teachers and peers.

C. It is necessary to use disciplinary measures to encourage student responsibility.

D. Parents should have the primary responsibility for promoting their children’s respect for others.

Correct answer - C

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