Animal shelter focuses on the present and future

October 1, 2018

Let me introduce you to Bronco. He is the dog whose photo you published in your second of two front-page articles about past activities at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society (“Three insider deals draw scrutiny,” Sept. 24). Bronco is 6 years old and came to the shelter as an owner surrender.

Bronco was behavior-tested, as are all incoming dogs and cats that arrive at the Santa Fe shelter. It was determined he needed behavior help before moving to adoptions. Today Bronco is at the Santa Fe animal shelter Roddy’s Rehab Center, receiving customized attention from the shelter’s behavior team.

Lucky for Bronco that he came to the Santa Fe shelter. If it weren’t for our shelter being awarded open-admission, no-kill shelter status, Bronco would not have survived.

It’s a shame we need an animal shelter at all. But until every pet owner spays or neuters their animals, we will need the Santa Fe animal shelter. The paper’s overly dramatic article and the photo of Bronco do nothing to help us maintain and support our beautiful shelter, the talented staff and the medical and social needs of the animals in our community. It also is a shame that the photographer chose to take a photo of this dog who is excitable when approached by a stranger and is learning to be ready for a life in a loving home.

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society has its intention stated in its mission “to support animals, save lives, spread compassion.” As our executive director, Dr. Jennifer Steketee, has just written to volunteers, “The articles are all about people who are no longer affiliated with the shelter and dealings from years ago. Currently, we have a very engaged and proactive board, dedicated and passionate staff, all of you, the best financial picture we’ve seen in years, and no-kill status for our entire community. Why emphasize the past, when our present and our future are what is so compelling.”

Lyn deMartin is a 20-year Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society volunteer.

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