Authoritarianism isn’t socialism -- Pete Vickerman

November 19, 2018

I have to respond to the Nov. 12 State Journal letter to the editor “ Jack-boot system isn’t an answer.

The entire premise seems to be that the Democratic Party is akin to all of the one-party authoritarian regimes he mentioned -- countries with no free and open press, and no independent judiciary. Does he really think that’s what the Democrats of the country want? Give me a break.

The basic premises of “socialism” is that the public owns things. Does the letter writer really want to privatize our police, fire departments and EMS? How about the military? Should we sell our lakes and rivers so only those who can afford to buy a pass can enjoy them? Should we pay the owner of a street to drive on it?

The move is already afoot to “privatize” some of our national parks. Some of our turnpikes have already been sold. Are our airports next? Why should someone make a profit from our commons? Wouldn’t we be better served by keeping ownership and reducing the cost of running it?

Public education is under attack by those who want to suck profit. Our hospitals are already there. Our commons should not be for profit. And that is not the road to one-party authoritarian rule.

Pete Vickerman, Sun Prairie

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