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Authorities Find Pipe Bomb Buried Near Propane Plant

April 25, 1995

FONTANA, Calif. (AP) _ Authorities dug up and detonated a pipe bomb that had been buried just outside a group of propane gas tanks. Nobody was injured and no property was damaged.

A tip from a man in custody on an unrelated assault charge led sheriff’s deputies to the bomb, which had a timing device and was buried at the foot of a eucalyptus tree outside the Ferrellgas compound.

Roads surrounding the yard were evacuated, and Santa Fe Railroad towed away two large tanker cars containing liquefied propane gas. A robot from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department removed the bomb, and it was detonated about 8:30 p.m.

Authorities were told of the bomb by Ronald Gamage, 42, who was arrested in San Bernardino on an unrelated warrant alleging assault with a deadly weapon, said Sheriff’s Sgt. Rick Carr.

Carr said he didn’t know whether Gamage said who buried the device, or if he would face charges related to the bomb.