SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) _ The murder rate in Brazil's biggest city jumped 9 percent last year to a record 5,705 homicides, a new government study shows.

The figures published Saturday showed that murder was the No. 3 cause of death last year and had nearly drawn even with stroke. The leading cause of death in Sao Paulo is heart attack, which rose 3 percent and killed 8,351 residents in 1999.

The study showed that a citizen is murdered every 90 minutes in this city of 10 million people. In two years, the risk of getting murdered in Sao Paulo has climbed 18 percent.

On the postive side, the death rate from AIDS fell to 1,368 last year, a 12 percent decline from 1998. At its worst in 1995, AIDS claimed 2,961 lives in Sao Paulo. Brazil is a world leader in cases of the disease.