Local students taking part in Crutches 4 Africa

July 6, 2018

NAIROBI, Kenya — In recent years, Mohave High School interact club has taken on a project called “Crutches 4 Africa.” The organization is dedicated to providing mobility devices such as wheelchairs and crutches to those in need in places where they cannot be acquired.

To this date the organization has delivered 106,000 devices to those in need in 26 countries. Dylan Boyd and Bridget Macdonald of MHS were chosen as ambassadors to go to Kenya to help distribute these devices last year. This year, Madelynn MacDonald has been chosen to travel to Africa as an ambassador and Boyd is returning as an adviser for the trip.

This is an amazing opportunity for students in the area and around the state to help those in need and they will be sending stories and updates along their travels to show their impact on the world.

This is their first installment, provided by Madelynn MacDonald.

“Hardworking days always start early,” she said. “Early means you arrive at the airport around 12:30 a.m. and still have to go through customs.

“It was all worth the tiredness at 8 a.m. when we arrived to our first mobility device drop-off. To see how appreciative they were to see something you can pick up easily at Walmart, a cane, was amazing.

“Almost everyone that we delivered to welcomed us to their home, which was intriguing to see how little they have, but still laugh and smile. One woman who was given a walker told Hazel, an adviser, that she was now her daughter, and that again made the early morning worth it.”

MacDonald said the group met — and interacted with — people of all ages.

“One of the favorites of today was the little kids,” she said. “They were so happy to see us, wanting to walk with us, and giving handshakes. They were all smiles and giggles.

“The last stop was a girls boarding school. As soon as we got there , we saw a perfect example of being there at the right time. A girl had fallen and twisted her ankle horribly and was relying on her friend to get across a huge campus. We were able to get her a pair of crutches, with one request, pass it on when you don’t need it.

“The boarding school allowed to see how interactors in Nairobi worked and what projects they did. They were also all smiles and loved to questioned us about almost everything. We felt the same love at the dinner where we met the Rotarians who will graciously host us in their homes for a week.”

First impressions mean a lot, MacDonald said.

“If today proves anything, it’s that laughs and smiles are part of the universal language,” she said.

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