Man gets prison for murder at luxury NYC apartment

December 5, 2018

NEW YORK (AP) — A man will spend up to life in prison for the beating and stabbing death of a party guest at his luxury Manhattan apartment.

James Rackover was sentenced to about 29 years to life on Wednesday for the 2016 murder of Stamford, Connecticut resident Joseph Comunale (kahm-yoo-NAHL’-ee).

It’s not clear what triggered the deadly violence. Authorities say partygoers were drinking and snorting cocaine.

Comunale’s body was shoved out of a window and stuffed in a car trunk. It was taken to Oceanport, New Jersey, where it was torched and buried in a makeshift grave.

The Daily News says his father, Patsy Comunale, called Rackover a “coward” who “has no place in a free society.”

Two other defendants are awaiting trial.

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