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White American Political Association Gives Farrakhan Token Donation

October 3, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A group of white supremacists headed by a former Ku Klux Klan member gave Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan $100 and information on Jewish activists when he spoke here last month, the former Klan member said Wednesday.

Thomas Metzger said he and nine other members of the White American Political Association were invited to attend a rally by officials of the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan’s organization.

″We have common respect for Farrakhan, who is doing things for his people on his side of the fence,″ Metzger said in an interview from San Diego.

Metzger called the $100 a ″token donation.″

″We see similarities in the principles that Louis Farrakhan is talking about: the exploitation of working people by an elitist group in Washington and by corporations and by the people who are their sponsors and masters,″ he said.

″We look at Farrakhan as a black counterpart to what we are trying to do,″ Metzger said.

″Our association feels we must begin to work outside government with other cultural groups. There is a need to have dialogue about these similar problems,″ Metzger said.

″It’s a survivalist idea really. Farrakhan, we feel, has not sold out to the system. We feel most black and most other white leaders have sold out to the system. We don’t see any help coming from those areas,″ Metzger said.

But he denied there was a merger of the groups in the works. ″There’s no merger. We were treated very politely and with respect. I hope we can hve a continuing dialogue. It’s all informal.″

Abdul Wali Muhammed, editor of Final Call, the official paper of the Nation of Islam, said he could not confirm that Metzger and his group had been invited to the rally. But he said they did attend.

Muhammed said the Nation of Islam, which provided security for Jesse Jackson during his presidential campaign last year, ″did receive some information″ about ″Jewish extremists″ from Metzger.

Asked if the group acted on the information, Muhammed replied, ″We act on all information.″

Metzger’s group advocates white separatism. Metzger won the Democratic primary for a California congressional seat in 1980 but was repudiated by state and national Democratic leadership. He lost the general election.

Farrakhan has been widely attacked for calling Judaism a ″gutter religion,″ and saying Adolf Hitler was a ″great man.″

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