fficials deny allegations made by transgender inmate

October 3, 2018

DIXON – In a response filed Monday, IDOC officials denied abuse allegations made by a transgender inmate regarding her treatment while incarcerated at several men’s prisons throughout Illinois, including the Dixon prison, where she’s now being held.

Deon “Strawberry” Hampton is suing to be moved to a women’s prison to serve her 10 year sentence for burglary. The lawsuit states she has been “improperly housed” at men’s prisons and requests she be moved to a women’s facility.

The suit also includes abuse allegations that prison staff in Pickneyville forced her to have sex with her male cellmate and forced her to “perform sexually” for their entertainment. Officers have denied any knowledge of forced sex between her and another inmate.

She was transferred to Menard in August 2017 after she made complaints, the lawsuit states.

She is suing he Illinois Department of Corrections’ director, two prison wardens and 11 correctional officers. Their responses was filed this week in the U.S. District Court for Southern Illinois.

In her suit, Hampton said she was called derogatory names at Menard, Lawrence and Dixon correctional centers. Officers at all three institutions say they did not call her those names and did not hear other inmates doing so.

She filed her first suit about a week after she was transferred to Menard; she was transferred to Lawrence in January. The mistreatment started at Lawrence after she dropped the first suit, she said.

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