BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AP) _ The number killed in Indonesia by last week's earthquake and tsunami jumped to 94,081 on Monday, raising the total death toll from the disaster to nearly 140,000.

Indonesia's Health Ministry reported Monday that the countrywide death toll had increased by nearly 14,000 people, although rescue workers continued to pull survivors from the rubble.

Late Sunday, an Indonesian fisherman was found trapped under his boat and severely dehydrated, officials said. The 24-year-old man, identified as Tengku Sofyan, was rushed to a hospital in Banda Aceh, where doctors gave him intravenous fluids. He could barely speak and had cuts on his body, doctors said.

``He's in extremely fragile condition, especially mentally,'' said Dr. Irwan Azwar, who treated the man.

Witnesses said Sofyan was at sea when the tsunami hit Dec. 26. His boat was tossed onto the beach at Lampulo and he was trapped for a week and couldn't eat or drink anything, they said.

The Health Ministry also said there were 271,908 refugees from the disaster.