Laid-off Toys R Us workers’ $20M win is just one example of burgeoning retail labor movement

November 23, 2018

Sharon Woods rummages through a shopping cart at a Philadelphia Walmart Friday. Walmart workers have formed OUR Walmart, which aims to fight for better wages and working conditions.

By Staff

In May, more than 30,000 Toys R Us workers got laid off — without severance — as the company started the process to shut down all its stores. Meanwhile, CEO David Brandon got $2.8 million in the form of a retention bonus right before the company filed for bankruptcy.

“This corporate greed is hurting me and my family — and it’s unacceptable,” wrote Colleen Kleven, a Toys R Us worker in the Bay Area, as part of a petition she started demanding that the private equity firms that used to own the company start a severance fund for the laid-off workers.

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