Downtown Havasu decorations delayed

December 7, 2018

Christmas will be coming to Main Street this year, according to Lake Havasu City officials.

Business owners in Havasu’s Downtown district expressed concerns Wednesday about the city’s lack of decoration for the Christmas holiday, which has been an annual tradition on McCulloch Boulevard. While the city may be late in raising Christmas decorations, however, decorations will be placed within the next several weeks.

“We’re in the process of assessing the decorations we’ve used in the past,” said Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy. “Some of the older decorations have deteriorated, which we only just learned over the past week or so. We’ll be augmenting the remaining decorations with new decorations, and we hope to get them installed as soon as possible.”

Lake Havasu City Maintenance crews will be assigned to place decorations on Main Street lamp posts, street corners and other city structures on Main Street within the next few weeks, according to Sheehy.

“There are a great variety of local businesses that call Main Street home, and they encourage people to shop locally for their holiday purchases,” Sheehy said.

According to City Manager Jess Knudson, the Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Steve Greeley, of Havasu’s “Radio Central,” have offered to raise donations toward the purchase of Havasu’s new Christmas decorations.

“The new decorations should be in our hands within the next few days,” Knudson said. “We’re looking forward to businesses getting involved and creating a festive scene in the downtown area.”

According to CVB President Terence Concannon, the organization is in the process of raising donations with the help of prominent Main Street businesses.

“We asked the city if they would decorate Main Street if we put up the money for them,” Concannon said Wednesday. “There’s a real interest in making downtown as beautiful as it can be for the holidays.”

According to Concannon, there’s no specific fundraising goal for the decoration of downtown Havasu this Christmas season.

“We want to get people as involved as possible,” Concannon said. “And we’re hoping to do something more over-the-top next year, when we have more time.”

According to downtown business owner Kim Riley, of Consign & Design, the downtown district has a lot of promise as a holiday spectacle.

“There’s a lot of untapped potential to really have an amazing Christmas scene here, if anyone cared enough,” Riley said. “Like the London Bridge … it’s gorgeous with all of the lights and decorations, but it’s not a shopping experience. It feels like Main Street has been largely forgotten. We have such a neat ‘Main Street’ … it would be a lot of fun if people came together.”

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