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October 3, 2018

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SUPREME COURT-KAVANAUGH (sent, developing)

NOBEL-CHEMISTRY (sent, developing)

INDONESIA-EARTHQUAKE (sent, developing)






THAILAND-CAVE BOYS — Thailand’s celebrity cave boys head out on overseas tour. SENT: 510 words, photos.

BRITAIN-MAY -DANCING QUEEN — Dancing Queen: UK’s May pokes fun at her limited dance moves. SENT: 130 words, photos, video.

FAST FOOD-US ADULTS — Study: 1 in 3 U.S. adults eat fast food each day. SENT: 140 words, photo.

TOYS R US — Toys R Us investors plan comeback for brand. SENT: 140 words.

PARIS AUTO SHOW-FIVE CARS — Hot metal: Electrics, SUVs and supercars mingle in Paris. SENT: 920 words, photos.




SUPREME COURT-KAVANAUGH — President Donald Trump mocks Brett Kavanaugh’s chief accuser as top Republicans prepare to push his Supreme Court nominee through the Senate. One key GOP senator says he’s “appalled” by Trump’s remarks, but stops short of saying he’ll vote against confirmation. Meanwhile, an expanded FBI investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh nears completion. SENT: 1,190 words, photos, videos. UPCOMING: Developing

KAVANAUGH-CLINTON REVENGE — To some, Kavanaugh is clearing his name. To others, he’s veering into conspiracy theory when he partly blames “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” for the sexual misconduct allegations against him. By Congressional Correspondent Lisa Mascaro. SENT: 890 words, photos. For comprehensive coverage of Kavanaugh’s nomination: https://www.apnews.com/tag/Kavanaughnomination

EPA RADIATION — The EPA is pursuing rule changes that experts say would weaken the way radiation exposure is regulated, turning to scientific outliers who argue that a bit of radiation damage is actually good for you — like a little bit of sunlight. SENT: 1,100 words. UPCOMING: Developing from afternoon hearing.

MELANIA TRUMP-AFRICA — Melania Trump said Wednesday that she “will never forget” her visit to a former slave holding facility on Ghana’s coast. SENT: 360 words, photos, video.

NORTH KOREA-CYBER THEFT — North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests have stopped, but its hacking operations to gather intelligence and raise funds for the sanction-strapped government in Pyongyang may be gathering steam. SENT: 1,190 words, photos.

ELECTION 2018-COLORADO —Colorado’s Mike Coffman is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the U.S. House. He’s survived tough challenges before. But he’s facing new headwinds as some suburban voters who have supported him say they won’t vote for him now because they want someone who will serve as a check on President Donald Trump. SENT: 1,220 words, photos.




NOBEL-CHEMISTRY — Three researchers who “harnessed the power of evolution” to produce enzymes and antibodies that have led to new drugs and biofuels have been named winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry. SENT: 720 words, photos. With NOBEL-CHEMISTRY-THE LATEST.

HEALTH INSURANCE-COST SHIFTING — If your employer is sticking you with a bigger share of the medical bill before health insurance kicks in, you may have to get used to it. By Health Writer Tom Murphy. UPCOMING: 300 words by 10 a.m., photo. Note: This story is hold for release.

JAPAN-SPACE PROBE — A German-French observation device safely lands on an asteroid after a Japanese spacecraft released it as part of a research effort that could find clues to the origin of the solar system, Japanese space officials say. SENT: 400 words, photo.




INDONESIA-EARTHQUAKE — For some who survived the massive earthquake and tsunami on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island last week, the memories and the horror of experiencing a disaster that has left more than 1,400 people dead are both hard to erase and understand. By Stephen Wright. SENT: 1,010 words, photos, video. With INDONESIA-EARTHQUAKE-SCAVENGERS — Indonesia disaster survivors search debris for food, drinks; INDONESIA-EARTHQUAKE-CUTOFF COMMUNITIES — Tsunami and quake survivors eat last bit of food and seethe; INDONESIA-VOLCANO — Volcano erupts on same Indonesian island as earlier quake; INDONESIA-EARTHQUAKE-PHOTO-GALLERY; INDONESIA-EARTHQUAKE-THE LATEST. For comprehensive coverage of the tsunami: https://www.apnews.com/tag/Indonesia

SYRIA-RECONSTRUCTION — With back-to-back trade fairs held in Damascus this month, Syria hopes to jumpstart reconstruction of its devastated cities by inviting international investors to take part in lucrative opportunities. But the absence of significant Western participants, the difficulty of bringing businesses to Syria under international sanctions and the lack of a political solution to the seven-year-old conflict underscore the massive hurdles ahead. By Zeina Karam. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

IRAQ-TARGETING WOMEN — Former beauty queen, fashion model and social media star Tara Fares won fame in conservative, Muslim-majority Iraq with outspoken opinions on personal freedom. Last week, she was shot and killed at the wheel of her white Porsche on a busy Baghdad street in a brazen daytime killing. The violence shocked Iraq and follows the slaying of a female activist and the mysterious deaths of two well-known beauty experts. By Sinan Salaheddin. SENT: 1,000 words, photos. With IRAQ — Iraq’s president to take office, independent tapped as prime minister.

VATICAN-YOUTH — Pope Francis urges Catholic bishops to dream of a future free of the mistakes and sins of the past, as he opens a global gathering of the church leadership amid renewed outrage over the priestly sex abuse and cover-up scandal. SENT: 600 words, photos.

MALAYSIA-CORRUPTION — Malaysia’s anti-graft agency says that the wife of former Prime Minister Najib Razak has been arrested and will face money laundering charges in a graft scandal involving the 1MDB state investment fund. SENT: 670 words, photos.




ROBOT FARMERS — The farms of the future may involve tightly controlled indoor climate and crops of vegetables cultivated by robots. By Michael Liedtke. SENT: 700 words, photos, video.

CORPORATE BOARDS-FEMALE DIRECTORS — California companies will have to overcome entrenched obstacles to comply with new law requiring women on boards. By Business Writers Alexandra Olson and Matt Ott. SENT: 900 words, photos. With CORPORATE BOARDS-FEMALE DIRECTORS-GLANCE.




DISASTERS-FIGHTING FEMA — Communities starting to recover from Hurricane Florence will need to pay close attention to deadlines for disaster aid. An analysis by The Associated Press shows the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been strictly enforcing deadlines to contest its disaster aid determinations. SENT: 950 words, photos.

CHICAGO POLICE-LAQUAN MCDONALD — A white Chicago police officer charged with murder in the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald testifies that he opened fire when the black teenager kept advancing toward him while waving a knife, adamantly sticking to his version of events even when confronted with video that showed a different scene. SENT: 840 words, photos. UPCOMING: Trial resumes at 10 a.m.




WEINSTEIN ANNIVERSARY-HOLLYWOOD A YEAR LATER — Is Hollywood a different place a year after the rapid downfall of Harvey Weinstein began? In the time since, guilds have rewritten codes of conduct, film festivals have signed pledges for gender parity and inclusion riders have been implemented by several leading production companies. But interviews with actresses, filmmakers and others make it clear: Hollywood has a long way to go. By Film Writer Jake Coyle. SENT: 1,440 words, photos. An abridged version of 920 words has also been sent.




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